Infant / Toddler Program

Play and Learn Daycare 6-24 months

Our 6-24 month infant / toddler program is focused on helping children adopt and understand language as a tool of communication. As the children learn to express their thoughts and feelings with words, we provide a structured curriculum that supports the whole child and builds the social emotional understanding that allows them to build friendships, learn to advocate for themselves and gain confidence.

Throughout the day, the children are immersed in art, science, language, math and music & movement activities designed to activate their love of learning and aid them in gaining a better understanding of their world. Our teachers help guide each child as they learn and develop at their own pace and encourage them to explore, be curious, and independent.

Preschool Program

Play and Learn Daycare 2-5 years
Our preschool program focuses on children’s natural curiosity for learning. Students take on the role of researchers as they make discoveries, pose questions, share their predictions and transfer ideas to a new context. As they explore and are guided through new and familiar topics, they build on their understanding of essential math, science, and social studies concepts as well as develop the preliminary skills that are fundamental to emergent reading and writing.

Our teachers are dedicated to supporting and encouraging the children to investigate on their own, build friendships, collaborate and communicate with others and get involved with group activities. Through guided support, the children grow to become caring, curious and autonomous individuals that learn to take part in the classroom community.

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